The Satin Boutique Guide for Good Wellbeing During Coronavirus

September 14, 2020

The Satin Boutique Guide for Good Wellbeing During Coronavirus

So we’re nine months into a global pandemic and COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  While in some countries, it’s “more” under control than others, it certainly needs strict monitoring and every day, there are new restrictions imposed.  The problem is that living with limitations isn’t good for mental health – or physical health either.  The important thing is to try and remember that it won’t be forever, to be kind to yourself (and to others) and to accept that you will have good days and bad days.  With that in mind, exercise is an excellent way to boost endorphins (feel-good hormones), these get released when you raise your heart rate which is why after you exercise, you feel uplifted.

As well as beautiful bath scented products, massage oils and sex toys to help you unwind, Satin Boutique also does Active Wear – did you know that?  So next time you want a pair of leggings that give you extra speed when you run or a comfortable cropped top for when you’re planking, think of us!  We’ve also got yoga wear, cycling wear and obviously, a huge amount of lingerie that you could wear underneath.  Here’s a list of our favorite active wear garments and why you should have them in your closet!


For yoga bunnies, you love seam-free active wear, so this two piece set is perfect for your Tree pose or when you’re doing a sun salutation.  Namaste to you, shop your Satin Boutique yoga active-wear here, it comes in brown, cream or black:


Getting hot and sweaty means you need something that whips away moisture from the skin so you keep cool but comfortable.  This beautiful aqua two-piece with a cropped vest and leggings is perfect for when you want to work off the morning muffin.  Shop yours here, available in red too:


When you do pilates, you have great muscle control, especially around your core so you get great ab muscles, looking ripped!  Why not show them off?  We’ve got the perfect breathable and comfortable two piece that’s bound to turn heads and is super-gorgeous too, you won’t want to wear it just for Pilates.  Shop yours here:


Of course, you might want to just look sporty and why not?  If you’ve got a figure to show off, this two-piece is especially for you.  It features a pair of skin-tight but breathable and comfortable leggings with a zip-through crop top that has longer-length sleeves.  It comes in white with black trim, or the reverse, black with white trim and you can get yours here:

So there you have it, a few options to encourage you to enjoy a sportier lifestyle because being fitter helps your immune system fight viruses and there’s less chance of feeling down and fed up.  Get those endorphins flowing, come and shop the Satin Boutique Active-wear ( range and ramp up your calorie burning!

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