Who Says Halloween is Just for Kids?

September 16, 2020

Who Says Halloween is Just for Kids?

Halloween is literally around the corner and this Thursday you might want to dress up in your own fun costume!  There are lots of you planning Halloween parties over the weekend too, but you could always host your very own Halloween party, in your bedroom!  Why not try something out with a little role-play?  At Satinboutique.com, we have a treasure trove of fabulous dress-up costumes, ideal for a Halloween celebration or just to spice up your life with your partner! Wear them whenever you want, not just October 31st. So get ready to get pulses racing (but not in a terrifying way)!  Here’s a list of our six favorite dress-up outfits for adults only!

  • Naughty Nurse!

It might be Halloween, so you need a nurse around to make sure that no scary costumes make your heart beat too fast, although with this outfit we can’t promise that your partner’s heart won’t be pounding away!  This two-piece costume is gorgeous enough for your Halloween party – or save it for the bedroom and keep it just between the two of you: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/elegant-moments-em-9971-head-nurse-2-pc-costume-also-in-plus-sizes-1

  • Be a Sexy Skeleton!

Who says skeletons are scary?  We have the perfect Halloween outfit right here.  It fits like a glove, hugging the body so it’s especially sexy too.  Perfect for a Halloween night out or save it for home and try apple bobbing with your partner…this costume glows in the dark and comes complete with co-ordinating gloves and a hairpin. https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/elegant-moments-is-em-9594-sexy-skeleton-glow-in-the-dark-3-pc-costume-med-sz

  • Maid Service…

If you’re throwing your own Halloween party, you’ll need some help clearing up!  How about this sassy French Maid’s outfit?  Although you might get carried away and leave the mess until the next morning, we can’t guarantee how good it will be for tidying up the house!   Complete with mini dress, garter, pantie and apron, you can shop it here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/elegant-moments-em-9457-french-maid-4-pcs-costume

  • Go Back to School

Does the thought of Halloween bring out the kid in you?  Then this outfit is your perfect match!  Be teacher’s pet in this extremely sultry school girl’s dress-up, it’s sure to get you sent to the principal!  Complete with vest top, bra, skirt and collar, if you want a detention after school, you’ve got it! https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/elegant-moments-em-99076-teachers-pet-3-pcs-costume

  • Be Devilishly Naughty

Halloween night wouldn’t be the same without the devil making an appearance. So, try this raunchy outfit, guaranteed to raise pulses and bring out your naughty side!  Complete with sequin tube dress, pitch fork and horns, you’ll make your night red hot!  Buy yours here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/roma-rm-4813-3pc-the-devilish-one

  • Be Bewitching

Halloween is the night when witches all over the world come out to play.  Join them in your very own witch costume.  This one is different though, it’s sexy and saucy, with its very own all-in-one that comes with a flowing detachable skirt and of course, a witch’s hat.  Shop yours here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/roma-rm-4793-2pc-dark-witch

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