Do You Know Your Lingerie?

September 07, 2020

Do You Know Your Lingerie?

With so many different types of lingerie out there to buy – it’s easy to get confused as to what to wear when you need a certain purpose!  For example, what’s the difference between a balconette bra and a regular bra?  Why would you need a corset or a bustier?  What’s a bikini panty?  This week, courtesy of Satin Boutique, we’re going to give you the lowdown on different lingerie shapes and styles so you know what you need in your closet.   So let’s get started with our top five:

  • The Bikini Panty

These are panties and sit low on your hip, they’re sexy and what you want to wear when you’re in your low-slung jeans or a hipster pair of shorts.  Pair them with a co-ordinating bra, your bikini panties offer good coverage at the back while still retaining plenty of sex-appeal at the front.  Here’s one of our favorites by Escante and it even comes with a matching bra (available in red or black lace):

  • The All-In-One Bodysuit

Designed to give fuller coverage, this is like a bra and panty all in one and it should provide you with a nice line around your middle area.  Often sexier than a bra and panty, why not try one for a special occasion especially if you’re wearing something that’s tight and you need smoothness around your tummy.  This Roma sheer mesh bodysuit with zip detail is really something special!

  • The Balcony/Balconette Bra

The balcony bra is ideal when you want to enhance your shape and it makes your bust look perkier as it pushes upwards.  It’s also a half-cup so doesn’t give you the greatest support but it makes you look fuller in low cut dresses and tops.  Here’s a favorite of Satin Boutique by Escante and available in black or white:

  • The Bralette

Comfortable but without support or wires, the Bralette is designed to give you coverage in a beautiful way so you still look pretty – not really useful for big-busted girls unless you want to lounge around at home in your Bralette.  If you’ve got small boobs, then this one is perfect for day to day use, we have lots on Satin Boutique, but this one really catches the eye, the Allure Camille Bralette Set complete in mesh with matching panty and available in blue, deep red and black:

  • The Bustier

This lingerie style is rather like an extended bra that stretches down over your tummy and smooths it out.  Brides often wear them under their wedding dresses to give them a sleek fit but there are plenty of vampy styles to try guaranteed to tantalize.  We like this one, almost too gorgeous to hide so why not wear it under a leather jacket with a pair of your skin-tight jeans:  Elegant Moments Bustier with Contrast Trims and lycra for added fit:

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