How to Put the Sexual Chemistry Back into Your Marriage

February 10, 2020

How to Put the Sexual Chemistry Back into Your Marriage

Ah, the romance of a new relationship!  You can’t wait to see each other, count down the minutes until your next meeting; you can’t take your eyes off each other or your hands!  That is what’s known as sexual chemistry and at the beginning of a relationship, you think it will never end!  Fast forwards, a few years and the reality is, you may well have forgotten that chemistry, sex is routine and perhaps not as often as you’d like and you spend more time thinking about paying the bills or taking the kids from one activity to another than your partner’s body!  The bedroom is for sleeping….you can’t wait to get your zzz’s because you’re tired and there’s just not enough time in the day.  If that sounds familiar, then you’ve lost that sexual chemistry but you can get it back, it’s important to get it back too because otherwise, your relationship could suffer.  If you hardly ever have sex, it’s become a little too “samey” or only one of you is initiating sex, it’s time to take steps!

  • Take Care of Your Physical Appearance

It could be that you’ve been a little lax in your appearance lately.  Does your hair need cutting?  Have you put on a little too much weight?  Could you do with a wardrobe revamp?  Make that barber appointment, get your hair blow-dried professionally, put on a little make-up.  You won’t be desired if you don’t look desirable and making the effort will make your partner sit up and take notice!  Perhaps invest in a nice perfume or buy a new outfit?   This Roma Mini Dress in red with ruching detail is a really sassy way to gain attention from your other half!

  • Kiss and Cuddle!

One of the things that many couples forget to do is actually take time to give their partner a hug.  Kissing and cuddling isn’t only romantic, it’s also intimate and it feels nice because it releases happy hormones!  If it’s been a while, next time you sit in front of the TV, hold hands, hug, kiss and never leave the house without kissing each other goodbye.  Kissing and cuddling is a great way to reignite the fire too, it’s still foreplay…

  • Do Something Together

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve “dated” so do something together, try a movie, a meal out after to discuss it – a walk in a pretty park.  Or why not do a class together?  Cookery?  Art?  A language?  This is a great way of reminding each other how well you get on and encourages you to do more things together.

  • Plan a Bedroom Night

This isn’t that easy with children we know but once they’ve gone to bed there’s no reason why you can’t turn in early as well.  Have a long, lingering bath together with soft lights, some scented candles and a really sensual bath product such as our Earthly Body Hemp Seed Shower Gel, wash each other, it’s the best way to get in the mood:

  • Change up your Lingerie!

If you’re going to plan that bedroom night, make sure you’ve got the lingerie to match.  At Satin Boutique we have a treasure box full of lingerie, bras, panties, garter belts, baby-dolls, nightgowns and more, why not try this Allure Suzy Zip-Front Black Lace Corset with Red Ribbon Detail, it’s just so sexy!

  • Have Some Fun and Games!

If sex is routine and over in 10 minutes, try something different and don’t feel shy!  Your partner probably would like to do something else in bed but isn’t confident enough to suggest it.  You take the bull by the horns and pick one of our adult toys.  We pretty much guarantee that you will reignite that spark! This is a remote-control massager, designed for outside the body use as well as inside the body use and it’s suitable for men and women – we dare you to try it!

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