How to Be Sexy – 7 Brilliant Tips!

February 04, 2020

How to Be Sexy – 7 Brilliant Tips!

Yes, you can be lucky and born sexy!  Some people just have that natural sex appeal that makes others come running.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. You don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous, or have a body to die for, it’s about confidence and feeling good about yourself.  That’s usually a sure-fire way to have sex appeal.  But what if you don’t feel confident or you want to be sexy but you don’t know how?  As retailers of really sexy and stylish lingerie, we can help with that!  Here are Satin Boutique’s top tips for how to be sexy…

  • If You Don’t FEEL Sexy, You Won’t BE Sexy!

Take a look at your lingerie.  If it’s seen better days, then there’s no way you can feel sexy.  If your undies are gray, fraying, ill-fitting and frankly, good for the garbage, you’ll never have sex appeal.  Sexy starts from the underneath.  Put on a gorgeous set of sexy lingerie and just see how different it makes you feel!  You’ve got a secret underneath….perhaps reserved for someone special but even if it’s just for you, you’ll ooze sexiness, trust us, it works!  Slip-on a pair of these underneath, there’s no way you can’t feel sexy with the Adore Expose Panty:  Also, remember to take care of your body, that means pampering your skin with nice bath products and keeping yourself hair-free.  You never know what’s around the corner…

  • Smile

There’s nothing sexier than a happy, smiling face.  No one finds miserable appealing.  So if you want people to gravitate towards you, smile! Men are drawn to your lips, a study at the UK’s Manchester University revealed that upon meeting a woman, a man gazes at their lips for 7 seconds (on average). Then, if you find someone attractive, try licking your lips, this sends a subconscious message to someone else that you like them.  Mimicking another person’s actions is also sexy because it shows you’re in-tune with each other, so, put on a smile, watch how they act, copy some of their actions and lick your lips!

  • Wear Red

Men like red, it’s that easy.  In a study, 56% of men were more likely to ask a woman out on a date if they were wearing red.  It’s part of men’s DNA – red is an attractive color and men respond to it.  So, with point two telling you to smile, add red lipstick to really get that guy interested.  Wear red clothes too, try our Cowl Neck Mini Dress, guaranteed to gain the attention you want!


  • Revamp your Wardrobe

Get rid of anything that you don’t like wearing or that you don’t feel good in.  You don’t have to wear the sexiest clothes every day but if you wear something you feel uncomfortable in or that doesn’t show off your positive attributes, it will never appeal to others because you won’t feel good wearing it!

  • Stand Tall

A shrinking violet is never sexy.  Your posture matters.  Stand straight, shoulders back and look people in the eye, this is a confident stance.  If you hunch over and look at your shoes, no one will ever see just how sexy you are.  If you’re not used to standing this way, practice and see what a difference it makes.  It improves everything, the way your clothes fall and your figure too.

  • Get Active

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t look as good as you can.  By getting active you’ll encourage more confidence.  There’s nothing better than enjoying the fresh air, it doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym 7 days a week.  Being active can be anything from a brisk walk outside to going to a dance class (and meeting other like-minded people too).  So find something you enjoy that will give you more inner confidence and boost your fitness levels too.

  • Be Adventurous

You can also be sexier with a little adventure.  If your sex life has been dormant for a while, then do something out of your comfort zone but guarantees to bring a little sexy into your life.  Try a sex toy – they’re designed for fun and they’ll make you feel really sensual too, it just takes a little dare-devil and you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you feel about yourself.  Check out the Satin Boutique range of adult toys here:

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