Try an Outfit for the Bedroom – 5 Great Role-Play Dress-Ups!

February 20, 2020

Try an Outfit for the Bedroom – 5 Great Role-Play Dress-Ups!

The bedroom should be for adults – and while it’s definitely for sleep, it’s also the one place where you can have some adult-style fun!  What you wear in the bedroom can make the difference between straightforward sex or mind-blowing sex that really gets your heart racing!  While we are advocates of the sexiest lingerie you’ll find on the internet, there are other outfits that you could use to boost your sex life behind closed doors.  We’re talking about dress-up!  It’s not just for Halloween or a fancy-dress party, with one of the Satin Boutique dress-up outfits you can role-play and turn your fantasies into a reality.  We’ve got some great ideas for you!

  • Doctor and Patient

Come on – who hasn’t visited their doctor’s surgery or had a stay in the hospital when a cute doctor or a sexy nurse hasn’t piqued your interest?  Why not role-play the doctor/patient scenario in the comfort of your bedroom.  You could even fill a doctor’s case with a load of tricks, try out our sex toys!  They’re perfect for easing any discomfort because they only deliver pleasure, shop them here:  We’ve also got the perfect outfit, The Elegant Moments Head Nurse costume here is ideal:

  • Make the Wild West Really Wild!

Or play cowboys and Indians – there’s nothing sexier than a cowboy in his old leathers and a cheeky smile to get you going, of course, a cowgirl is even more of a turn-on especially when she’s wearing just a crop top and matching cowgirl shorts as seen here:  Or be the captured native Indian with this colorful costume… and get tied to the bed with bondage rope, as featured here:

  • Get Arrested For All The Right Reasons

Who doesn’t dream of a gorgeous female cop arresting a sexy guy and putting him through his sexual paces?  Well if you want to dress up as a cop in the bedroom, now’s your chance!   Try the Roma Two Piece Seductive Cop complete with studs and hot micro-shorts:  Don’t forget to get a set of handcuffs too…These Silver Handcuffs with Rhinestones are just what every cop needs to restrain their villain!

  • Be Anthony and Cleopatra

Take a trip back in time a few thousand years to the ancient world; all you need is a bowl of grapes, a bedroom, your imagination and some very sexy outfits. Be a real Greek God in this toga and headband:  For women, we have this Two Piece Queen of Olympus costume, ideal for getting pulse-rates shooting through the roof:

  • Make Bedroom Cleaning Fun!

When it’s time to clean-up your bedroom, why not make it extra fun?  You don’t need to wander round with your cleaning products and a couple of cloths, really make it exciting by involving your partner and slipping into something a little bit naughty… We recommend this Flirty Maid Four Piece Costume which comes complete with a mini dress, apron, headpiece and gloves.  Suddenly, cleaning will take on a whole new meaning!

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