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Why Satin Bed Sheets Are the Best To Sleep On

September 28, 2020

Why Satin Bed Sheets Are the Best To Sleep On

If you’re still going to bed night after night on manmade fibre sheets or even cotton blended sheets then you’re missing out on a better, healthier night sleep.  While Egyptian Cotton is seen as a luxury, actually, silk satin is so much better for you, it’s healthier, softer and once you’ve tried a set from Satin Boutique, you’ll never want to sleep on anything else again!  So why is satin better than cotton or a cotton blend?  We’ll tell you but first, it’s a good idea to update you on what satin means because it’s a particular type of weave that gives you that soft, silky feeling no one can resist.

How Our Charmeuse Satin is Made

The Satin Boutique bedsheets are made out of the highest possible quality Charmeuse silk satin which we’ll explain to you.  It’s an extremely tightly woven satin that produces buttery-soft and light material keeping you cool when it’s hot but warm when the temperature dips. It’s very shiny too – with a really expensive look and it’s delicate.  It has a 600 thread count and two-way vertical stretch and will retain it’s beauty for years.  Washable too, you won’t worry about damaging it when you pop it in your laundry, it comes out as good as new. You might hear Charmeuse referred to as crepe back satin but it’s the same, luxurious fabric ideal for a good night sleep.

Good for Your Skin

Charmeuse satin is really good for your skin.  In fact, it won’t mark your face while you sleep so you don’t wake up with deep creases in your complexion.  Rather the opposite, you’ll notice that your face looks well-rested and any fine lines and wrinkles shouldn’t be as pronounced.  That’s also why celebs only sleep on fine satin, to preserve their movie-star looks.

Great for Your Hair

Your hair will also thank you when you make the switch over to Charmeuse satin sheets.  Rather than snagging hair as you move during the night, satin pillowcases keep hair nice and smooth, reducing static too.  You’ll find your hair less tangled and if you’re prone to breakage, after a few weeks of using satin bedding, your hair will look much better than ever before.

Fabulous for All Round Better Sleep Quality

You won’t get too hot with our Charmeuse sheets and as they’re so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll feel as if you’re floating in a cloud all night long.  They’re also extremely sensual so watch your sex life ramp right up!  Who wants cotton when you can have Charmeuse satin!

Satin Boutique is the home of Charmeuse silk bedding, you can buy it on our website here  In an array of rainbow colors, choose from 27 different shades.  Without doubt, there’s something to blend with your bedroom décor.  All sets are custom-made to fit your bed, you choose your size and color and we get on with preparing your order.  Alternatively, if you prefer a bold design, you could go for our animal print, we have a neutral set or a black and white set and don’t forget to treat yourself to some co-ordinating satin nightwear for the ultimate good night!  Shop our collections here: Let us know how well you sleep after switching over!

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