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Balcony or Balconette Bra

October 05, 2020

Satin Boutique Explores & Explains Bra Types

Being specialists in luxury, sexy lingerie we understand that when purchasing a quality, expensive bra it is vital that you are fitted with the right shape for your needs.  The team at Satin Boutique thought we would help you when making your choice.

Bra History

Firstly, it may be useful for us to delve back in history and learn where the bra (or brassiere) came from.  Originally, you could say that the corset was the first version of a bra which came to being in the 14th Century (although according to research, women were supporting their curves as early as the 1400 BC with structured garments) and they were worn by wealthier, fashionable women who could afford luxury underwear. 

By the 19th century the corset was split in two, and the “girdle” was born.  This restricted the stomach area to give a lady a more defined waist which was high fashion at the time.  The upper part of the body had a bra like garment on shoulder straps.  Later on, the girdle disappeared altogether and bras replaced them.  Interestingly, they were handmade and did not go into production until the 1930’s. Since then they have flourished now being a multi-billion pound industry and the latter half of the 20th Century saw many different versions of the bra being invented to enhance all shapes – which leads us to describe what each type is.

These days there are so many different variations of what a bra can be it’s easy to get confused with what you want to give the right shape and provide the best breast support.  It is also worth mentioning that by investing in a top quality bra from a reputable brand you know that you are purchasing a garment which will not only feel luxurious to wear but hold your shape properly.  An ill-fitting bra, while not only unattractive, can give you back problems too so it is worth your while investing in the very best which is what Satin Boutique specialise in.

To help you determine what is right for you, we have drawn up a concise guide to what each bra type is and we hope this is useful when choosing your perfect Satin Boutique bra:

Full Cup Bra

This type of bra is perfect for you if you have large breasts as it covers your entire chest area and has been designed to give you extra back, shoulder and chest support.  It is very popular with larger cup sizes or if you are pregnant and is a popular choice for those seeking a slightly more conservative style. 

Satin Boutique recommends the Elegant Moments Mesh Bra Set, this is the closest item we have to full coverage, it gives excellent support but still looks stunning on and it’s scalloped lace design is beautiful.  Ideal for larger busts and bigger ladies, shop yours here:

Plunge Bra or Push-Up Bra

If you’re looking for a bra to wear with a low cut dress, top or you simply want to enhance your curves then this is the right shape for your needs. It is a popular choice for evening wear, party wear or other special occasions and will accentuate feminine shape. It is cut so it has a lower cup which means it is designed to be hidden beneath your neckline.  Be aware that they generally don’t give much coverage and this is so that they are kept discreetly hidden under clothing. 

Strapless Bra

This is as it sounds; a bra without the straps and is especially to be worn with strapless dresses, tops, eveningwear or camisoles.  When choosing your strapless bra, ensure there is plenty of support around your back and in the cups as it should stay in position while being comfortable.  Today, you will find many versions of the strapless bra, some with moulded cups to give enhanced shape and many are made with underwire for supportive shape, there are also bandeau styles that are very comfortable to wear but better for those who don’t want lots of support.   

Satin Boutique recommends the Emmanuelle Bandeau Lace Bra which comes with a matching thong: 

Balcony or Balconette Bra

The Balconette or Balcony shape bra is an excellent model for most women and is similar to the half cup bra.  It does give less coverage than a full cup bra but has underwire in the base so it offers good support.  The cup area is similar to a Demi-Bra and you will find that the straps are wider set too so the chest and shoulder area is on display.  It’s a very sexy, feminine and popular style.

Satin Boutique recommends the Escante Balconette Bra which comes in either black or white and is adorned with divine lace:

Underwired Bra

Popular underwired bras are built to give the wearer extra support and shape by accentuating the breast area and these are exceptionally good for those blessed with larger cup sizes.  Underwired bras are constructed using a fine wire usually sewn into the cup.

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