The Importance of Staying Active during Lockdown

May 05, 2020

The Importance of Staying Active during Lockdown

Coronavirus has floored billions of people across the world.  Countries in all corners of the globe have shut down – some for weeks and many don’t look like they’re opening up anytime soon.  With the difficulty of staying in comes another challenge and that’s how to stay healthy.  You may be blessed with the glorious countryside on your doorstep or you might be stuck in a high-rise city apartment with no outdoor space.  However, it’s still vital that you keep moving, with exercise every day.  Here are Satin Boutique’s top tips for the best types of exercise during a lockdown.

  • Let’s Dance

There’s nothing quite as fun as a good old dance-off!  It’s great exercise too – for the body and the mind. There is a multitude of online Zumba classes that work out every inch of your body, so clear the room or get into your back yard (or on your balcony), crank up the music on your iPad or computer and get your body moving, an hour of Zumba can burn up to 450 calories (on average).  We’ve got a great outfit for Zumba right here with go-faster stripes too!

  • Feel Mindful

Stay Zen with some mindful yoga, not only is it good for building core strength, it’s a great way to totally relax and switch off from what’s going on.  It builds muscle too but in a lean way rather than resulting in a bulky look. Satin Boutique has a gorgeous collection of yoga wear; this one’s too good just to practice OHM! In leopard lace, it’s breathable too for ultimate comfort:

  • Run for It!

Running is great – if you can do it outdoors with social distancing, it’s a good solo sport and you can plug into your favorite tunes if you take your smartphone with you.  If you’ve never run before, start slowly and try one of the apps available to build up your stamina.  You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in just a few weeks, we recommend Couch to 5K.  For running wear, be comfortable and streamlined, we’ve got the perfect set:

  • Pilates

Pilates is similar to yoga in that it builds core strength, it’s not fast and it’s challenging so if you want something that keeps you fit and firm, it could be the right exercise for you.  If you’ve never tried it before, start with a beginners’ online class and build up slowly.  Originally, Pilates was used for recuperation purposes post-op or injury but now it’s a worldwide-phenomenon with celebrities and us normal people loving what it does to the body.  Wear something like this which is both breathable and comfortable:

  • Walking

Of course, if none of the above appeal to you – just walk.  Walking is great for clearing the mind and it gets your body moving.  Additionally, it keeps you active, so even if you just go for a once-a-day 20 minute walk, you’ll get your body going.  This is a very comfortable outfit for walking, wear with a jogger top and slip it off when you start to warm up:

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