Bring the Beach to your Home

May 12, 2020

Bring the Beach to your Home

The world is in lockdown and much of this side of the world is starting to enjoy warmer weather as spring continues, giving way to the summer months.  What can you do if you can’t get to the beach due to coronavirus and the local swimming pool is out of bounds?  While some people are lucky enough to have their own swimming pools, most people don’t have that luxury!  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach at home.  All you need is some outdoor space (even a balcony will do), a cocktail maker, a fan on an extension lead to give you some air when it gets too hot, a small paddling pool to soak your feet and a sun-lounger.  Then, pop on your shades, pick out some favorite tunes on your smartphone or play them through your Sonos speakers and indulge yourself in some beach-worthy bikinis from Satin Boutique.  Here’s our pick of the best:

  • Get your Sparkle Back!

Lockdown’s getting us all down so feeling great is really important.  Get your sparkle back with this glorious shimmering two-piece bikini set, the Cascade Jewel Bikini by Escante is dripping in gemstones and flatters all shapes too.  It’s on a backdrop of black, always stylish and definitely chic. It won’t last long, and will take you through to endless days at the beach next year and the year after:

  • See the Sea

If you can’t actually see the sea, this tie-dye effect bikini will certainly help you vision the waves!  In a pretty shade of marine-blue with complementing stripes in white, it’s the sea all in a bikini complete with puffs of floating white clouds.  Get yours here:

  • Daisies Make it Better!

Flowers always cheer us up – so this Daisy bikini is ideal for a pick-me-up and the pretty floral design will never date, so it will be just as good next year when you really can get to the beach.  This year, wear it in your back yard or pose on your balcony, you’ll look as pretty as a picture, shop it here:

  • Soar to New Heights

With this Galaxy printed bikini in deep blue with twinkling stars.  It’s a stunning two piece that will make you look literally like you’ve just dropped out of heaven!  Shop this one here:

  • Twinkle Twinkle

Who doesn’t love a sequin?  This bikini top will work as party-wear too, just pop the top under a jacket and show a hint of flesh when you’re out dancing. Covered in golden sequins, it’s got a cute under-boob reveal for extra sex-appeal, shop it here:

  • Pair off your Bikini With…

You need some sandals to strut your sexy bikini-stuff in, so choose a gorgeous pair from the Satin Boutique shoe shop.  These clear fancy heeled sandals go with every type of beachwear and look just as good with party clothes too so they double-up nicely.  Shop yours here:


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