How to Completely Pamper Yourself

June 22, 2020

How to Completely Pamper Yourself

The pandemic is a stressful situation for most people.  Many of you are restricted in our movement, going out shopping is no longer enjoyable (thankfully, there are online stores!), working from home has some benefits, but you might actually miss your colleagues and socializing is almost off the agenda.  So there is no wonder that more people are reporting that they feel anxious, stressed and on some days, unable to cope.  With that in mind, Satin Boutique wants to help you re-connect with your “inner calm”, relax and be grateful for the little things.  Here’s a brief guide on how to pamper yourself, hopefully, you’ll feel refreshed and recharged.

  • Get Some Me-Time

Schedule some me-time.  It’s harder than ever to have some time to yourself, especially if you’re running a home and looking after the family.  Even if you’re stuck inside most of the time with just one other, there are bound to be moments during the day when you just want to be alone!  As for those that live on their own, it can obviously be lonely but scheduling me-time doesn’t just mean being alone, it also means making time to do the things you love.

  • Try and Relax

That me-time we mentioned above could mean dimming the lights, putting on a relaxing playlist and listening to your favorite music.  Start by enjoying a sensual bath and don’t forget to use some gorgeous products that scent the bathroom with something relaxing and soothing.  We love Naked In The Woods Earthly Body Hemp Seed Bath and Shower Gel:  Light a candle too, try an aromatherapy oil based candle to get the relaxing or rejuvenating benefits.

  • Have a Sensual Couples’ Massage

Of course, if you live with someone else, take real advantage and indulge both of yourselves in a his ‘n’ hers massage.  Take it in turns to reduce stress areas in the shoulders and back, rolling out knots and make it as relaxing as possible by using our extra-special massage kit the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit, Strawberry Dreams.  It features everything you could possibly want for a night of pure, intense pleasure and deep relaxation.  Enjoy the effects of the stimulating pleasure balm, the massage oil, the honey dust and the feather applicator that really sets the tone!  Then, take it one step further with the Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant…you’ll soon feel completely stress-free!

  • Be Comfortable

Restrictive clothing can also add stress, you need to feel good and wearing soft, silky clothing is one way to remind yourself just how special you are.  We have hundreds of nightwear items to choose from but if you want something deliciously gorgeous to relax in, try the sleeveless V neck camisole and co-ordinating shorts, generously decorated in pretty lace and available in a variety of fabulous colors including black, pink, blue and hot fuchsia:

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