Don’t Let the Corona Situation Spoil Your Fun!

June 15, 2020

Don’t Let the Corona Situation Spoil Your Fun!

Yes – we’ve all been locked down for weeks on end and some of us are just about seeing the light again with some shops opening and the ability to spend time with loved ones (albeit not close-up).  Still, leisure is off the menu at the moment because restaurants, bars, clubs and gyms are closed for a while!  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!  Satin Boutique has a treasure trove of adult toys guaranteed to ease the burden of Lockdown and make you feel a whole lot better.  Here’s our pick of the best.  You never know, you might prefer to stay locked down with some of them!  Remember, you must be over 18 to shop these naughties…

  • Lelo Tiani Couples’ Massager

Never heard of this before?  We’re going to let you into a nice little secret!  This is a super-luxury sex toy that will keep you occupied for hours on end.  For couples that want to try something else, this little baby is a massager that vibrates on the body…and in the body for even more orgasmic action,  It comes in a few different couples and it is super-flexible so it fits all body shapes.  Powered by a wall charger (included) you want this in your bedroom!  Charge up your sex life, shop the Lelo Tiani here:

  • Lelo Mia 2 Lipstick Shape Vibrator

Designed in a lipstick shape, this is an upgraded product that can be used in water so take it into the shower or if your bath is big enough, it makes bath-time really interesting (but there’s no need to keep your fun clean!)!.  It has six different vibrating movements so there’s definitely no way you’ll get bored and if you’re up for a night of passion, this gives you one and a half hour of pure, intense pleasure (plus it’s a USB charger).  It’s safe too, it’s plastic and phthalate-free and you can get yours here:

  • 50 Shades of Gray Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls

If you’re finding the days long and tiresome, spice up your routine with these Kegel Balls.  Designed to be worn on the inside, they’ll give you erotic pleasure all day long.  Remember, to start out slowly with just 15 minutes of wear but build it up quickly (you won’t know what to do without them!). They might not help your concentration much but they’ll give you plenty of excitement while toning your Kegel muscles at the same time.  Shop yours here:

  • Lelo Oral Sex Stimulator

Oral sex is already pleasurable but if you want to take it up a few notches you’ll love this supersonic sex toy.  Designed to really deliver an intense experience, it has no less than ten different settings for a variety of sensations.  The device activates as soon as it comes into contact with the skin and it’s a USB rechargeable product.  Try it and see for yourself, you won’t turn back.  Shop yours here:

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