SpinClearView S-300 Commercial grade marine clear view 12V window

17.0 lb

Regular price $ 1,995.00
SpinClearView S-300, Commercial grade marine clear view 12V window. Used on yachts, fishing, police, military, commercial vessels. The SpinClearView S-300 keeps a glass disk free of rain, snow and sea water by a nearly silent and fast rotation of 1500 rpm. The SpinClearView S-300 will never smear from drying salt water unlike regular wiper blades that require a fresh water washdown. The precision made 12 Volt DS motor is placed in the center secured to the fixed glass in order to obtain the largest field of vision. The rotating glass is hardened and optically correct to avoid any distortion. Made in Japan to the highest standards. Recommend professional installation only. Description Model Frame Dia. Visual Dcreen Dia. Cut-Out Dia. Min. Glass Thickness Weight DS-300 349mm 300mm 325mm 5 ~ 8 7.5kg 13.74 inches 11.81 inches 12.8 inches 0.1969 to 0.315 inches 16.54 Lbs

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