Custom made FLAT SHEET of Lingerie Satin [select options for price]

Custom made Individual Flat sheet of Lingerie Satin.All of our sheets are made with the preferable Center Panel construction method. [sorry, animal print is no longer available]. Flat sheets are made with a more then ample allowance for tuck under.(about 12"). The Fitted Foot option on the Top Sheet is an extra section, on the bottom edge, that reaches from corner to corner, where we put in an elastic edge in the corner only. This makes a long pocket or Fitted Foot that is like the corners of a Bottom Sheet. There is no elastic along the length of the foot so your Top Sheet will not bunch up at the bottom. This portion is to be tucked in between the mattress and the box spring just like the Bottom Sheet. Now your Top Sheet is secured to the mattress and there is less of a chance that it will slip off during the night! Allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

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