Your (Lingerie) New Year Resolutions

December 30, 2019

Your (Lingerie) New Year Resolutions

2020 is on our doorstep – a new year, a new decade and even a brand new era!  Those resolutions have never been more important. Now, as we are a lingerie company we like to think about what we can do to ring in a new decade by making sure that our underwear is up for the job.  While it’s always wise to make promises relating to being a better person, a more loving husband or wife, to work harder and achieve more, there’s no reason why some resolutions shouldn’t be more self-indulgent.  So, why not add a couple of our lingerie New Year Resolutions to your list and start the decade feeling great from the inside out!

  • Get Rid of Old Undies

First things first, start with banishing your old, gray and wrinkly underwear.  Get a big bin bag and pile up the bras, panties, baby-dolls and nightwear you no longer wear or that you’d be embarrassed to be seen in!  It’s time to make way for new, beautiful and stylish lingerie to give you an air of real confidence!  Why not add this Allure Bralette and Open Lace Up  Mesh Panty to your dresser in place of your old underwear, shop it here:

  • Get yourself Fitted

It’s no good thinking you’re still at 34D when you haven’t been measured for years.  Boobs change shape and size over your life so they won’t be the same as they were when you were 18.  Get yourself properly measured to determine your bra size.  Not only will you be doing your boobs a favor, you’ll also make sure that your clothes look great on.  No t-shirt or blouse will ever look fabulous unless your underwear fits properly and well-fitting underwear will always flatter you.

  • Always Wear the Right Color

It’s no use wearing black panties under a white dress or white panties under a black skirt – you get show through.  Make a vow that you’ll only wearing matching colors to your outfits.  If you’re not sure what works best, choose nude – it always looks good and never shows through.  These Mika black panties are ideal under black clothes:

  • Get Sets

There’s nothing sexier than a complete set of lingerie so stop mixing and matching and invest in a gorgeous set of luxury lingerie.  A matching bra, panties even a garter will make you feel incredible and give him a treat that he deserves.  So, if you can, always buy lingerie in sets and keep your sets well preserved by wrapping them in unscented tissue paper when they’re put away in your dresser.  This Lurex Lace Cami Set is the most beautiful lingerie, get yours here:

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish all of our customers a happy and healthy 2020!

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