What your Lingerie Says about You

November 15, 2019

What your Lingerie Says about You

Everyone has their own style and their own preferences and at Satinboutique.com we try our very best to cater to all of you.  Some of you prefer something plain and simple to wear everyday – getting out the glamorous lingerie at night time, others prefer to vamp it up whether it’s 9.00am or 9.00pm – but what you choose could be saying a lot more about your personality than you could imagine!  Read on to find out what your lingerie says about you and see if we’ve hit the nail right on the head!

  • Corsets

If you prefer to wear a corset to a bra then you’re definitely a sensual woman.  You like curves and shape; you also like your clothes to feel figure-hugging, giving you a beautiful line.  You’re probably a sassy and lively, the life and soul of the party!  We bet you light up a room when you walk in – and you might well have a love for bright, glittery accessories which isn’t surprising because of your sparkling personality.  Pop a new corset into your lingerie drawer, this super-sexy Allure Leather and Brocade Corset is bound to add that gorgeous splash of colour that you love so much! https://satin-boutique.com/products/allure-lingerie-al-11-522-leather-and-brocade-ellie-corset?_pos=34&_sid=6e0329f79&_ss=r

  • Bralette

Bralette girls like to be comfortable but they also want a little something cute and girly in their lingerie drawer!  You want something that makes you feel feminine but you hate feeling restricted, just like in life.  You’re happy chilling out with your friends or playing sport – you enjoy wearing your tracksuit and jeans but still safe in the knowledge that underneath, you’ve got your pretty lingerie firmly in place!  For a Bralette in the evening, try out our Allure Tara Bralette Set complete with feminine lace and ribbon – comfortable yet sexy all wrapped up in one! https://satin-boutique.com/products/allure-12-0022-tara-bralette-set?_pos=4&_sid=dae5d16a4&_ss=r

  • Baby Doll

You love anything girly and pastels are your favourite colours.  There’s nothing more you want than to be looked after and treated like a princess and why not!  You also love romance, from girly movies to dining out in a little restaurant with your partner – you love to be loved and give plenty of hugs and kisses right back to the right person.  The Escante Lace and Mesh Baby Doll is perfect for your nights in with your other half…shop it here: https://satin-boutique.com/products/escante-el-eh-30551-lace-and-mesh-baby-doll?_pos=4&_sid=ed5c2ed3c&_ss=r

  • Red Lingerie

You mean business!  Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the bedroom, no one messes with you!  Red lingerie makes you feel powerful and that’s exactly what you want!  You’re a go-getter, you take no prisoners and you know exactly what you like.  Inside, there’s a sex siren burning and you like your lovers super-hot, just like your lingerie.  For the ultimate sex appeal, try out our Elegant Moments Lame Underwired Bra with Rings: https://satin-boutique.com/products/elegant-moments-em-3061-underwire-lame-bra-with-rings?_pos=7&_sid=386ecac94&_ss=r

5                    White Panties

You’re a girl next door, you’re super-pretty and you’re everyone’s friend.  You like things that aren’t too over the top but you also love soft, sensual and delicate fabrics next to your skin.  You don’t like to make too much of a show, at least not in public!  Privately – you like to shock and show off your naughty side so while you stick with plain white panties, you always add a little drama when the night gets underway!  Check out our Lavish Lace White Panties (and Bralette set), it’s pure white but with plenty of sex appeal! https://satin-boutique.com/products/stunning-intricate-lace-bralette-and-matching-panty-set?_pos=15&_sid=8bf9ab9c2&_ss=r

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