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What Swimwear to Wear for Your Body Type

April 23, 2021

What Swimwear to Wear for Your Body Type

It’s finally spring and with that comes the promise of warmer weather, hopefully not too far behind.  Long, glorious days of sunshine, lounging by the swimming pool or at the beach picnicking with friends.  Even if you don’t have a swimming pool or the beach is too far away, sitting on a balcony or in your back yard with a cocktail and plenty of sunscreen close by will still be a favorable pastime! With that in mind, you might be considering updating your closet with some new swimwear and obviously, the best place to buy it is at Satin Boutique. We’ve got an array of bathing suits for all shapes and sizes and plenty of stylish colors to complement sunshine-days.  Here’s what we recommend you buy depending on your body type.

Classic Hourglass Shape

Well lucky you!  If you’ve got the boobs and the hips with a nipped-in waist you’re the proud owner of a Marilyn Monroe type bods – the most feminine of all, the hourglass.  You can pretty much wear any style because you’ve got natural curves but if you have a large bust, make sure you have something with plenty of support.  We’d recommend the Women’s Sexy One-Piece Halter which comes in dramatic black or soft white – both look great with a tan!  This bathing suit features spaghetti strap and a bandage style cross-over at the waist, with low rise, it’s flattering and there’s plenty of support around the bust area.    Shop it here:


Apple shapes generally carry their weight around the middle but tend to have beautiful legs, so with that in mind, you want to really show them off and draw the eye away from your tummy area.  To do that, you need a high cut bathing suit without too much going on around your waist. Our Push-Up one-piece has a deep plunging neckline which draws the eye to the bust area and a slimline belt, which gives the illusion of a smaller waist. It also features high-cut legs, so your legs look longer than ever.  In khaki, red or blue, sticking to a solid color will also give you a better silhouette.  Shop yours here:

Pear Shape

You’ve got narrow shoulders and you’re quite neat on top, with a small waist.  Your hips are slightly larger giving you that “pear” shape, so you want to draw attention to your waist and bust to balance out your hips.   Our Silver Snake Monokini is ideal, it’s got plenty of drama at the waist, with hollowed-out styling and it’s on one-shoulder so it draws the eye to the top and middle areas.  It’s also a sensational looking bathing suit!  Shop yours here:


Muscular and toned, you can pretty much wear anything, but you want to avoid bathing suits that make you look too broad-shouldered.  With that in mind, a halter neck is best because it makes a feature of your neckline, rather than your shoulders.  You may prefer a bikini to show off your ripped abs – but also our Elegant Moments’ Mesh Bikini has a halter neck top which reduces the appearance of broad shoulders and it has a G-string, as you’re athletic, you can feel proud of your cute buns!  Shop it here:

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