The Satin Boutique Bridal Lingerie Checklist

March 02, 2020

The Satin Boutique Bridal Lingerie Checklist

You’re getting married and there’s obviously a lot to think about!  As well as the nuptials themselves, the party afterward, the wedding dress and all the detail that’s involved in planning, you also need to make sure you have the right lingerie and nightwear.  You’ve got one wedding night (hopefully) so make it a good one and if you’re lucky enough to be jetting away on an exotic honeymoon, you’ll need a selection of beautifully made lingerie to complement your outfits.  Let Satin Boutique help, not only do we have an array of stunning lingerie styles, we also have some other exciting treats to make sure your wedding night and honeymoon is something you can really look forwards to!

  • Keep it White

If you’re looking for a bridal set for your wedding day and you’re wearing white or ivory, keep your lingerie pale and pretty.  Your lingerie should also give you plenty of support, after all you will be wearing it for hours so make sure it fits properly and flatters your dress.  The Elegant Moments Embroidered Mesh Set with bra and G-string in pure white is perfect bridal wear, shop yours here:

  • Make Your Bedroom Sensual

If you’re staying at home after your wedding, make sure the bed is ready for a night of passion – even if you’re on honeymoon or staying at a hotel, you can still make sure your bed is ready for when you eventually do get home.  We can’t recommend our satin bedding enough, it’s super-soft, really silky next to the skin and it’s inviting too, plus it comes in a selection of colors bound to blend with your bedroom décor.  Our bridal satin range is designed especially for you, but remember, these are custom-made so order early. Shop yours here:

  • Get the Ultimate Pleasure!

A wedding night and honeymoon is something to remember – make yours unforgettable and take a couple of exciting adult toys with.  We have plenty of items guaranteed to send your passion through the roof!  Try the Tango Pleasure Mates Kit, you can both enjoy what’s inside:

  • Body and Bath

You’ll need to pack toiletries so as well as your regular beauty products, pick up some sensual massage oil.  This one starts as a candle and transforms itself into an almond massage oil while it melts: and add some bath products you both to enjoy like the Hemp Seed Bath and Shower Gel:

  • Pack Fabulous Nightwear

Treat yourself to some brand new stylish nightwear for when you’re ready to go to sleep.  We’re sure it won’t be on for long, but no honeymoon is complete without something really special and we love this Vintage Princess Gown and Negligee Robe Set, it’s deliciously feminine and sexy all at the same time, perfect for having breakfast on the balcony! You can shop yours here:

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