April 17, 2019

The Importance of Sexy Shoes

It’s official – women just are sexier when they wear high heels.  According to a British study in the UK at the University of Portsmouth (High Heels as Supernormal Stimuli), high heels really do make men sit up and notice! 

If you’re wondering why that is, well there are a number of reasons.  High heels exaggerate the female gait and actually make women naturally wiggle their bottoms, walking with a swish in their hips (that’s because high heels increase hip movement).  Men walk differently to women; they have a longer stride and walk slower than females.  Even without high heels, women tend to take shorter and faster steps.  When you add in high heels you get that “tottering” effect that looks so feminine and sexy.

This particular British study compared women walking in flat shoes with the same women walking in shoes with higher heels.  This study specifically looked at their gait and compared their attractiveness to males.  The results showed that as soon as the women walked in high heels, they became more attractive by 100%, so there was not one woman who was more attractive in her flat shoes.  In fact, it wasn’t just men judging, it was men and women and both sexes agreed that the high heels made women look more attractive while walking.

The study went further.  It looked at how high heels aroused men and men were more sexually aroused around women wearing high heels than women wearing flat shoes.   So, we know for sure that wearing sexy high heels definitely has the desired result you want. 

Of course, there are other reasons why you should have a few fabulous looking pairs of high heels in your wardrobe:

  • They add height, so if you’re shorter than your boyfriend or you simply want to look taller, a few shoe inches gives you instant height.
  • They lengthen the leg. Whether you already have extra-long limbs or you would like to elongate your legs and create that long-legged look, there’s no doubt that a pair of heels is the answer.
  • They give you instant glamour! Whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s a business suit, a dress for a night out or a pair of spray-on skinny jeans, a pair of heels adds instant glamour and dresses up an outfit no end.
  • They cheer you up. If you’re feeling a little down and you want something to pep up your spirits, rock a pair of high heels!  They instantly make you feel better because you stand tall, giving you that mood-boost you need!
  • They give you confidence. Without a doubt, a pair of high heels increases confidence.  If you’re shy but you’d like to come out of your shell, try buying a brand new pair of high heels and pairing them with a gorgeous dress.  Those heels will give you plenty of confidence, wherever you choose to wear them.
  • They’re slimming. A pair of sensational high heels gives the appearance of a slimmer frame, because of that added height and also because of the lengthening effect.

So if you’re ready to add some high heels to your wardrobe, here are our three favorite Satin Boutique shoes and why we love them:

  • Ellie Scrunch Slouch Ankle Boot

These bright pink peep-toe boots (also available in black) are the ultimate in sexiness!  Wear them inside or take them outside and wear them over a pair of super-skinny jeans or with a micro-skirt.  Their hot pink color is bound to get you noticed and the extra high heel along with the platform on the sole gives you added height so you turn heads when you walk into that bar.  Our best-selling boot is one hell of a sexy shoe!  Buy yours here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/boots/products/ellie-shoes-e-609-scrunch-6-microfiber-slouch-ankle-boot 

  • Ellie Rhinestone Sandal

These incredibly gorgeous sandals give you all the lift you need and they’re decorated in large rhinestones so they’re ideal for a cocktail party or for an elegant night out.  In black, pink, blue or gold, you’ll be hard pushed to choose just one so we say buy all four!  Shop them here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/sandals/products/ellie-shoes-is-e-431-darling-4-heel-rhinestone-sandal-gold-7

  • Ellie Clear Shoes (Wider Width) Sling-back

There’s nothing quite like a sling-back and as it’s coming up to summer, these will see you right the way through to the Fall.  In clear Perspex, they allow your pretty feet to peek through and the open toe means you can show off your pedicure.  Wear with jeans, a skirt, a dress or with a sexy swimsuit, they’re bound to raise the temperature even on a cooler summer day.  Shop yours here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/sandals/products/ellie-shoes-e-521-spring-w-5-heel-clear-wide-width-sandal

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