Stay-At-Home with Satin Boutique

March 23, 2020

Stay-At-Home with Satin Boutique

We live in difficult times at the moment.  The rise of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has called for social distancing across the world and we all find ourselves working from home, with school-age children taking their school lessons online and being separated from family and friends.  It is not a happy time which makes it even more important to feel good about yourself and try and gain some perspective.  The world is changing, people need to feel better-connected with nature and slow down. Staying at home can be daunting, after all, we are social creatures but to get through the next few weeks, it’s important to accept what is happening and not resist the changes. This is about saving lives. So stay home, love your friends and family from a distance and be safe.  Feel good about yourself too, if you do feel a little down or fed up, give yourself a treat! Here are some ideas to boost your feeling of well-being.

  • Get some New Leisurewear

Revamp your at-home wear with some ideas from and give your tracksuit bottoms a break!  Wearing your old, holey tracksuit bottoms or pajamas won’t make you feel good about yourself so get rid of those graying, tatty leisure garments and treat yourself to something new and fabulous!  For cosy evenings, we love our Argyle Socks, they’re warm and have a gorgeous harlequin design, in gray and black:  You might prefer to wear pajamas, but our pj’s aren’t just any pj’s!  They’re Satin Boutique luxury pajamas that are soft and sensual to wear, guaranteed to give you a mood boost, see this Two-Piece Satin Pajama Set with High Waisted Shorts and a co-ordinating Camisole Top:

  • Change Up Your Lingerie

No matter what you wear on-top, if your lingerie doesn’t feel good against your skin, you’ll never feel your best.  It’s tempting to wear your old, saggy undies especially when you haven’t got anywhere special to go but don’t slip into bad habits. Keep your lingerie fresh and pretty and you’ll feel better too. We love this Elegant Moments Crochet Bralette Set:

  • Slip into Slippers

If you’re not going out, make sure you have something comfortable but cute to wear on your feet.  Slippers often get forgotten about but rather than wearing heavy shoes around the house or just a pair of socks, they’re a staple!  Just because they’re a need-to-have doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy, we love our Satin Marabou Fur Slippers with a 2.5” heel, get some here:, they come in black, pink, red and white (subject to stock availability).

  • Box-Clever

While we might all be social-distancing, we still need to take regular exercise!  Boxing is one of those exercises where you don’t need much room but you do need the right gloves!  Be glamorous with these jewelled boxing gloves, the perfect way to encourage a great exercise routine every day!  They’re covered in red sequins and look fantastic!  Get yours here:


On a final note, if you can, get outdoors and go for a walk.  Watch that boxed set you promised yourself you would!  Try a new recipe or challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before.  Look up courses online and learn a new skill.  Sit down with the kids and play a board game.  Or simply close your eyes in a warm bubble bath; light a candle and listen to your favorite music.  Remember, use the time to reflect and protect yourself from coronavirus.

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