January 28, 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means you might be wondering what you could do to celebrate the big day with your loved one? We have a few ideas to help you set the right mood. 

Of course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean you can’t also treat yourself.  Everyone deserves some tender loving care whether you have a partner or not.  Satin Boutique is as much about indulging yourself as well as treating others.  As well as our incredible lingerie options for Valentine’s Day, you might prefer something different.  Our silk bedding sets give you a sumptuous night to remember – so you can just as easily give yourself a treat too!  Try our 95% silk set in burgundy, the right color for a very special night https://satin-boutique.com/collections/duvet-sets-silk-satin/products/luxury-silk-duvet-bedding-sets-95-pure-silk-5-fine-cotton.   We have plenty of other suggestions to help you create the ideal atmosphere and ambience so you enjoy a sensationally sensual night from start to finish!

  1. Make Plans

If you don’t have dinner plans reserved at an intimate restaurant, actually, cooking a spectacular meal for two at home can be even more romantic.  You set the pace, you design the menu and you make sure the atmosphere is right.  Soft lighting, elegant table setting and the right, romantic music is all you need for a fabulous dinner for two.  You could even send the invitation via Valentine’s Card and create a mystery…. Give the one you love a time and a place but no more. How about really turning up the heat and opening the door dressed up!  We love this saucy maid costume… https://satin-boutique.com/collections/costumes-womens/products/escante-el-37510x-queen-housemaid


  1. Light a Candle

That soft lighting needs a candle to complement it.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day nothing is more perfect than our https://satin-boutique.com/products/kama-sutra-eld-ks10202-massage-candle-mediterranean-almond an incredible fragrance consisting of Mediterranean Almond and what makes this so right for your night is that when it burns, it transforms into massage oil.  So, it’s dual purpose, not only does it smell heavenly, it infuses your home with a sensual scent that can be used later on to give your partner a romantic massage!


  1. Choose a Menu

Food is important when it comes to love because certain foods have aphrodisiac qualities so if you want to turn up the heat – try some of these ideas (but always try out new recipes beforehand so you know they work well).  Seafood is well known to be an aphrodisiac, but you must be sure to get really fresh oysters or mussels and know how to prepare them.  If you don’t feel confident, why not try salmon instead?  Bake it in foil with chili, soy sauce, a little lime and ginger and serve it on a bed of noodles.  Or, if your partner likes meat, tender steaks grilled lightly on either side with fresh crispy vegetables and herb potatoes will always go down well.  For a sensual desert, try a fondue with pieces of fresh fruit cut up, melt chocolate in a raclette and serve each other something delicious!


  1. Dress the Part

Always wear something you love but equally something that your partner will love too!  At Satin Boutique, we have plenty of erotic underwear that is tasteful and playful – exactly what you want on Valentine’s Day, especially if you want your evening to end with full on romance!  Valentine’s Day is all about red hot love so choose something like our Oh La La Cheri three piece set (https://satin-boutique.com/products/oh-la-la-cheri-oll-41-10112-3pc-set-functional-tie-bra-panty-garterbelt) comprising of a bra, panties and garter belt – it comes in other colors too but this one really says I love you perfectly!  Throw over our Chemise Charmeuse Kimono and Set in soft, silky satin, it’s short, sassy and sexy, the kind of outfit every girl needs in her wardrobe. https://satin-boutique.com/collections/robes-kimonos/products/dreamgirl-is-dg3717-charmeuse-short-length-kimono   We can’t forget the boys – so we’d love to recommend these printed silk boxer shorts adorned with Valentine’s hearts, they’re the perfect match. https://satin-boutique.com/products/shirley-of-hollywood-is-soh-563-valentines-heart-print-charmeuse-boxer-shorts.


  1. Make a Playlist

Don’t forget to download some romantic music to set the scene and create a special playlist.  If you’re short on time, there are plenty of playlists on Spotify or as Alexa (if you have one) to prepare on for you. 


  1. Pamper Yourself

Before your partner arrives, have a long, indulgent bath in twinkling, soft light and light a relaxing aromatherapy candle to help you feel serene.  Choose our Hemp Seed “Naked in the Woods” shower gel, it’s absolutely guaranteed to make you feel extra special from head to toe and get you ready for a night of love! Moisturising, soothing and sensual, you’ll be hard pushed to leave your bath! https://satin-boutique.com/collections/body-bath/products/earthly-body-hemp-seed-bath-shower-gel-8-oz-naked-in-the-woods.

We hope you have a truly fabulous Valentine’s Day, with love from Satin Boutique x

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