December 02, 2019

Satin Boutique’s A History of Lingerie

Have you ever wondered how lingerie came to be so sensual?  At what point in history did people decide to make it something alluring and even down right adventurous! Satin Boutique takes a trip through time to tell you all about the history of lingerie.

The 1700’s

Corsets first appeared in France in the 1700’s.  They were designed to give a woman more shape, to enhance curves of the hips, waist and breasts.  They were also made out of whalebone so they were very uncomfortable to wear but they did deliver the desired look!  As they gave women bigger breasts and smaller waists, there was something sexual about them so they soon became trimmed with lace and made using finer materials, adding silk and ribbon.  By the late 1800’s the S shaped corset arrived which was popular with Victorian fashion.  It pushed breasts forward and shaped the back so that the hips thrusted.  Victorian corsets were elaborately decorated, designed to be admired (so there was always something sexy about them).  They were also expensive, so the English gentry wore them before they were made in less expensive materials for the lower classes to indulge themselves in attractive lingerie too.  For your own corset – try our gorgeous Elegant Corset with Front Clasp and take a trip down memory lane…

The 1900’s

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that knickers (panties) came into fashion.  Before then, women wore open-crotch drawers (this wasn’t for a sexual reason, it was to allow them to go to the toilet easily!). From the 1900’s “closed crotch” drawers arrived and they were decorated with lace and ribbons too. For modern girls, every lingerie drawer needs basic panties and these Escante Panties come in a useful three pack in black, fuchsia and white, they’re also gorgeous to look at  

Around the same time as panties appeared, the Victorians brought in beautiful nightgowns that hinted bare body; they were sheer and light to the touch, often with low backs and designed with night-time encounters in mind.  These nightgowns became more and more elaborate with exquisite detail, but the more elaborate they were, the more expensive they were too.  Want a pretty nightgown of your own?  This V neck, full length nightgown is perfect for you:



The 1920’s

Fast forward to the roaring twenties and slips came into fashion; these were especially created to be worn with flapper dresses.  Corsets weren’t in vogue anymore and slips were short, often made of silk and decorated with a little lace or chiffon.

The 1930’s

The 1930’s saw a surge in open-crotch underwear again but this time, they were designed to be erotic and sexual. Women were enjoying a time of abandonment so their underwear reflected their new sexual freedom!  Here’s one of our own, the modern Adore Lace Crotchless Mesh panty…

The 1950’s

The 1950’s were post-war times and women’s fashion changed to nipped in waists and the illusion of big breasts!  Corsets came back but were known as corselets.  They were strapless and shaped to thrill.  Bras appeared in abundance, wired and cone-shaped; they pushed up breasts and enhanced their shape, especially popular with plunging necklines.  As well as corselets, Bustiers made an appearance, like a half corset/half bra, they were there to make breasts look extra-large and pushed up as far as possible!    We’ve got a Faux Leather Bustier complete with a chain for you to try here:

The 1960;’s

In the 1960’s, fashion shifted to the waif-like boyish figure that wore mini-skirts.  Big bras were out of fashion so the “no bra” arrived. A bra that was barely there, with no metal or wiring and really made only for small boobs.  It didn’t give much support but it just about covered the breast area.  Our Kiley Bralette set is ideal for those of you that don’t want lots of wire, shop it here:

The 1970’s

The 1970’s saw a surge in different types of underwear including padded bras, thongs, push-up bras and simple “no bra” styles.  Lingerie was very much in fashion and growing as an industry.  By the 1980’s, underwiring was big news and designed in so many different ways, to push up, to push together, to push forwards or just to give breasts the support they needed.  Lingerie was made for different occasions too, from every-day styles to erotic honeymoon sets.  This Escante Demi-Bra is the perfect push-up


The 1980’s and 1990’s

The 1980’s saw the teddy make an appearance, ideal for sleepwear but also for everyday wear.  Lace and silk was very fashionable and women wore it under their power-suits to add some femininity to their outfits. The 1990’s introduced lots of erotic underwear with Agent Provocateur arriving in 1994 and other similar brands.  Sex toys became very popular and sex shops selling toys, underwear and other erotic items for adults popped up all over the Western world, try our Fur-Trimmed Handcuffs they’re a great bedroom toy The 1990’s also saw a resurgence in baby dolls and slips, but worn as dresses, here’s our Allure Isla Mesh Baby Doll, as you can see, it’s divine

The 200’s to Present

Latex made an appearance in the 2000’s inspired by the movie Mr and Mrs Smith and worn by Angeline Jolie.  Since the 2000’s lingerie has continued to enjoy huge popularity by women (and men!) of all ages.  Anything goes, from push-up bras to balcony bras, sports’ bras to thongs, panties to bikinis, corsets to Bralettes – lace, ribbon, silk, cotton and manmade fibres that look and feel as good as the real thing!  Lingerie is always in fashion – and it will continue to thrive, shop yours on Satin Boutique – we’ve everything you could possibly wish for!

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