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Let’s Get the Feel-Good Factor Going!

January 19, 2021

Let’s Get the Feel-Good Factor Going!

January – and obviously with a new year, it’s that time when millions of people decide they’re going to make changes.  This year, more than ever, health is at the forefront of mind.  With a global pandemic still raging, it’s absolutely paramount that you keep yourself fit and healthy so if you do catch Covid-19, you can fight it off.  So, if you promised yourself a health-kick to start Jan 2021, what better reason could you have to buy some brand new fitness wear?  Obviously, the right kit helps you take your fitness routine by storm!  It’s essential to pick breathable workout clothing so you don’t sweat and you feel comfortable.  So check out the following Satin Boutique fitness gear and get on the road to a healthier, fitter you.


Yoga is a superb exercise to try because it nurtures body and mind so if you’re feeling stressed and anxious, it’s a good place to start.  All you need is YouTube, search some online yoga classes, a yoga mat, a scented candle and the right yoga active-wear.  We love our Ombre Seamless Leggings and co-ordinating Seamless Top which is designed for Yogis everywhere, it’s comfortable, moves with you and keeps sweat away so you feel great throughout your practice.  Shop yours here:

Be Your Own Forrest Gump

If you haven’t tried running yet, it’s brilliant for overall fitness as it works out your whole body and you don’t need to run like an Olympian!  A gentle jog for 20 minutes three times a week is enough to get your heart-rate moving and you don’t need to invest in a gym membership, just take to the outdoors!  Download a running app to monitor your progress and wear this Two Piece Active Wear set in black with go-faster green, red or yellow stripes (just what you need)!  Shop it here:


Prefer something slower but yoga isn’t quite your thing?  You might like Pilates, designed especially for building up lean muscle, it won’t give you bulging biceps but it will make you lean and toned.  Yoga wear is just as suitable for a session of Pilates, so to get started try Satin Boutique’s Sportswear Set with ¾ leggings and a cropped top, in pale sea-green:

Fitness Class

Of course, any fitness class online needs the right clothing so if you’re not sure what to put on, just choose a simple two-piece which will be your go-to for whenever you decide to take exercise.  Our favorite is this one, the Camo Seamless Two Piece with a cropped top and a pair of matching seamless leggings for the ultimate in comfort.  You can shop it here, it’s so gorgeous to wear, you don’t need to keep it just for exercise, it’s extremely comfortable to wear around the house too (safe in the knowledge that you still look great!):

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