March 07, 2019

How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

We know the scenario.  You used to do everything together. You couldn’t bear to be apart and frankly, all you could think about was the next time you’d see each other! Time would drag in-between dates and then you moved in together or got married.  Kids appeared and the years rolled by really quickly.  That early days’ scenario changed, both of you falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV, too exhausted to make conversation let alone enjoy each other in the bedroom!  Hell, enjoying the bedroom meant getting into bed early to catch up on your zzz’s!  Sex?  Well, if you’re having any at all it’s certainly not as regularly as it used to be, it’s not as passionate and is it just you or does it feel like it’s over too soon?  If you’re reading this and something is registering, you need to take action –it’s definitely time to spice things up in the bedroom!  

A Different Kind of Loving…

You still love each other right?  But that love isn’t quite the same as those first heady days – however, you’ve been there before so you can get there again!  First things first, has your underwear seen better days?  You’re hardly going to get her to take notice of gray, baggy boxer shorts and he’s definitely not going to swoon at a sports bra and mismatching knickers that give Bridget Jones’ big pants a run for their money. It’s time to make changes! Take some advice from Satin Boutique – here are our guaranteed tips to relight the fire!

Get Dressed Up!

Start your evening as you want it to go on – open the door all dressed up for a night of fun!  There are lots of different costumes on the Satin Boutique website but if you want to turn your home into Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Mansion you need to dress the part!  Our Bunny Girl costumes will definitely put a smile on his face when you open the door, check out the Bustier Babe costume (with its own bunny tail!)

Wear the Right Lingerie

Once you’ve moved up to the bedroom, you don’t have to wear the same outfit and actually, disappearing into the bathroom to change into something different is exciting in itself! So set aside some time to peruse what we’ve got on offer and even if you buy just one set of lingerie, you’ll be on your way to relighting that fire.  If you want what we call a “sure thing” then try out our black and crimson red Brocade and Satin Halter with a Front Sash, in the softest, silkiest satin, it’s lightly boned to give you the best possible sexy hourglass shape and it is finished with a little fancy lace. Just pair it with the matching G-string for the ultimate effect!

It’s Playtime!

Of course, lingerie is a great way to start but once things move on to red hot, turn up the temperature with some adult toys, who said those fires had gone out!  Now you’re both in the mood, why not make it really fun with our collection of toys for grown-ups – guaranteed to titillate and tantalize!  This is no time to be shy so bring out your wild side.  We’ve got a treasure trove of sex toys that will definitely change your sex life.  From handcuffs (Fifty Shades Style) to Feather Ticklers – or if you’re feeling more daring, why not try our Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring – which helps him to go on for much, much longer … Been naughty? You should try a soft whip, our Please Sir Flogger will bring something more than erotic to your bedroom.

There are plenty more sensual products on the Satin Boutique website, from 95% silk bedding to massage oil and fragrant toiletries not to mention our fabulous hosiery collection (for in and out the bedroom) and a wide range of lingerie items, from bras to garters, baby-dolls to robes with so much more. So, if things are a little lackluster in the bedroom department – there’s no better solution than the Satin Boutique collection.  Let us know how you get on! 

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