April 29, 2019

How to Sleep Well

Did you know that 164 million US adults have trouble sleeping (https://www.consumerreports.org/sleep/why-americans-cant-sleep/)?  If you’re one of those adults then let Satin Boutique help you sleep more peacefully.

In today’s world, there are far more stresses and strains than ever before.  People lead busier lifestyles, there’s family to think of, friends and of course, work.  Technology is so advanced that it’s difficult to avoid emails and messages – smart phones ping almost 24 hours a day, it’s no wonder people have trouble falling asleep!  Follow these failsafe tips to a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more rested than ever before:

  • Don’t eat before you go to bed. Your body needs to digest food well or it can hinder sleep.  Try and have your last meal of the day a good four hours before you go to bed to stop this happening. Avoid food dried fruit (high in sugar), pizza, alcohol, fatty foods, chocolate and green tea (a natural stimulant).  Definitely avoid caffeine, if you find that your body responds to caffeine, have your last cup of coffee before lunchtime to make sure it leaves your system.
  • Switch off your devices. This means your smart phone, iPad and any computerised objects.  The bright lights and colors from these devices interrupts brain function so that your brain is over-stimulated.  It’s best to put them aside a good hour before bedtime to get your brain into the zone.  The same applies to TV, switch it off.
  • Have a relaxing, warm bath. Dim the lights, play some music, light some candles and relax in a bubble bath with our  luxuriously heavenly Hemp Seed Bath and Shower Gel Guavalava  (https://satin-boutique.com/collections/body-bath/products/earthly-body-hemp-seed-bath-shower-gel-8-oz-guavalava) or our El Dorado Pink Champagne Bubble Bath (https://satin-boutique.com/collections/body-bath).  Light a candle too, to set the mood.  We’d recommend our Karma Sutra Massage Candle in Mediterranean Almond (https://satin-boutique.com/products/kama-sutra-eld-ks10202-massage-candle-mediterranean-almond).  It’s ideal for massage too as the flame melts the candle into an oil.
  • Have a Massage. Using our Mediterranean Almond candle as mentioned before, indulge yourself in a his and hers massage, that’s the best way to unwind after a busy day and perfect after a bath, before bedtime!
  • Once you’ve had a bath and had a massage, it’s time for bed. Make sure you wear something ultra-comfortable, too hot and you’ll toss and turn so you need something light and soft that feels gorgeous in bed.  We’d recommend pure silk because it’s a natural fibre and feels fabulous next to the skin.  Our baby blue Charmeuse Drawstring Silk Pajama is perfect for a great night’s sleep https://satin-boutique.com/collections/pajamas/products/is-sb-womens-baby-blue-pure-silk-charmeuse-drawstring-pajama.
  • Of course, you need the right bedding too, no point in getting ready for a good night’s sleep on old bedlinen that doesn’t feel sumptuous to get into. Our silk bedding is simply wonderful and it feels incredible to sleep on, we have various sets to choose from in a range of superb colors to blend with your décor scheme. Choose one here and sleep like a queen: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/duvet-sets-silk-satin
  • Have sex! Sex releases a feel-good hormone (no surprises there) and often helps you to fall asleep.  It’s obviously a great way to feel intimate, loved and secure so before you close your eyes get frisky with your partner.  You can always spice up your sex life with some of our luxury sex toys, guaranteed to get pulses racing before slowing down again and falling into a blissful slumber! Choose something a little different right here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/luxury-toys
  • Spray some lavender onto your pillow. Lavender is a natural essential oil that is known for its soothing, calming properties and in studies it helps with insomnia.
  • Finally, now you’re hopefully exhausted, you should sleep well, but if you still find your mind over-active, try a sleep App such as Pillow, available on iPhone, it’s designed especially to bring on deep relaxation.

Good night!

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