How to measure your bra size properly

November 12, 2019

How to measure your bra size properly


Being an online seller of luxury lingerie, we don’t offer bra fitting so we are going to give you some information on how to measure your bra size properly.  That way, when you buy one of our bras or a set of lingerie online, you can rest assured that it will fit you properly.  So, grab yourself a piece of measuring tape, a mirror and put on one of your bras to follow our bra sizing guidelines.


  • Firstly, it’s time to measure around your band. Wearing your bra (it’s best to choose a lightly lined bra that isn’t push-up), take the measuring tape to underneath your breasts, parallel with the bottom of the bra’s band.  Once you’ve wrapped it round, take a note of the measurement.
  • Next, measure your bust. Put the measuring tape onto the fullest part of your bust but keep it parallel with the bra’s band.
  • Take the measurement and keep a note of it.
  • Then, take away the band size measurement from your bust size measurement. This determines what your bust size is.  One inch is equal to one cup size, with every inch; you go up a cup size.


Here’s a quick chart to help you work out your cup size:


Inch Measurement    Relevant Cup Size


1”                                A Cup

2”                                B Cup

3”                                C Cup

4”                                D Cup

5”                                DD Cup

6”                                DDD Cup

7”                                F Cup

8”                                G Cup

9”                                H Cup

10”                              I Cup

11”                              J Cup

12”                              K Cup


How do You Know Your Bra Doesn’t Fit Correctly?


Breasts change during your life, the same bra size you had when you were 18 won’t measure up when you’re thirty and that’s because your body goes through changes.  They might be hormonal changes (pregnancy is one example where body shape changes), weight changes or just that the breast tissue loses its elasticity as you get older.  That’s why it’s worth checking your measurements every six months to a year.  If you wear the wrong bra size, your clothes will never flatter you.


Here’s what to look out for:


  • When your boobs just don’t fit the cup and spill outwards (different to a push-up bra look), then your bra is too small for you
  • When your band doesn’t fit properly you might find that your breast pops out underneath, it’s time for a re-measure
  • Side-boob. This means your bra cup size is too small to hold your breast
  • Empty bra. Your bra is too big, you need to go down a size but measure up first!
  • Slipping straps. Your bra straps are too long or your band too high, it’s more likely that your bra isn’t the right fit for you
  • Digging straps. Your straps are leaving marks on your shoulders, this means your bra is too small for you


Buying the Right Bra


Every woman needs different bras for different occasions.  Some bras are best suited to certain outfits and others are better for lounging around. Here’s what each bra is and why you would wear it.


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