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How to Love Your Body

It’s important to reflect on how beautiful you are every now and then.  Your body is your temple or so the saying goes, so make sure that you take the time to de-stress, unwind and show your body that you care. There’s no reason why you can’t involve your partner too, and make it a more sensual experience but if you don’t have a partner or you want to give yourself some indulgence, then by all means, read on and we’ll show you how to love your body.

Give Each Other a Massage

Firstly, your body deserves a full massage, not only to relieve the tensions of everyday life but to revitalise your spirit.  There are various techniques such as reflex and deep tissue work or you could pamper yourself and get your partner to massage you using one of the Satin Boutique massage oils. We love our sweet strawberry massage oil, a deliciously sensual oil infused with a burst of real vitamins from fresh fruit https://satin-boutique.com/products/kama-sutra-eld-ks10194-kama-sutra-naturals-massage-oil-strawberry

A massage is excellent for stimulating circulation and bringing on a deep, satisfying feeling of relaxation.  Dim the lights and add a fabulous scented candle (try our Mediterranean Almond candle which also conveniently melts into a rather gorgeous massage oil https://satin-boutique.com/products/kama-sutra-eld-ks10202-massage-candle-mediterranean-almond) and encourage your body to wind-down, removing all of those uncomfortable knots which can make you so stiff , remember a good massage therapy really increases a feeling of energy within the body – which you can use later on!   Don’t forget to return the favor and give your partner the same massage once he’s finished yours.

His ‘N’ Hers Facials

After your massage it is time to give your face some tender loving care and treat yourself (and your other half) to a replenishing, pleasurable facial. Slip on a comfortable but sensual robe, something that feels like a light caress on your skin. Our elegant Shirley long chiffon robe in black is ideal for a night of pampering (https://satin-boutique.com/products/elegant-shirley-of-hollywood-is-soh-20559-long-robe-charmeuse-chiffon-black-s-m).  Then start giving each other a facial treat, take it one at a time. Start by closing your eyes and imagining the warm, sapphire blue sea lapping at your feet while the golden sun tantalise your limbs.  Don’t forget to put on some soft music to create the right atmosphere and keep the light low.

Start by using a cleanser and massage it deep into your skin using gentle circular motions over the face and neck, this removes make-up and dirt.  Facials should cleanse, tone and moisturise and if you can, use an exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells.  When you’ve finished this step, luxuriate in a face mask.  This will boost your skin with vitamins so that when it is revealed, you will both be glowing with good health!  After your face mask has taken effect, finish off with a rich, creamy moisturiser suitable to your skin types.

Bedroom Essentials

Once you’ve given each other in a facial and a body massage, why not get into something even more comfortable and enjoy a night of pleasure with your partner?  Our Dakota Sheer Satin Nightshirt (https://satin-boutique.com/products/dakota-a-so-sensual-in-her-chiffon-nightshirt) is perfect to throw over your body to spend the rest of the evening together with your partner.  Open a bottle of red wine, enjoy a box of your favorite chocolates and put on a great movie to cuddle up together in bed.  Remember, our Satin Boutique silk bedding (https://satin-boutique.com/collections/duvet-sets-silk-satin/products/luxury-silk-duvet-bedding-sets-95-pure-silk-5-fine-cotton) is like nothing else you’ve tried!  Our luxury silk duvet sets will give you an evening to remember as well as the best night sleep you’ll ever have.  The problem is, you might not finish your movie. There’s nothing quite like a sensual massage, relaxing facial and our satin sheets to get you in the mood for love and remind yourself just how much you should love yourself too.

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April 15, 2019

A nice massage and special time is great for the body and soul. Wearing satin helps to intensify the experience, and its for both women and men, yes us men love to wear nice satin lingerie too. I know I do.


April 15, 2019

A nice massage and special time is great for the body and soul. Wearing satin helps to intensify the experience, and its for both women and men, yes us men love to wear nice satin lingerie too.

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