May 13, 2019

How to Be More Romantic

If you’ve been married for a while or perhaps you’ve been with your partner for some time now, you might well find that your “together” routine is a little mundane!  You still love each other, that’s for sure but how can you inject some extra excitement back into your relationship and re-ignite those fires that were definitely there when you first met?  Now, you might well have a super-duper romantic love life, in which case you won’t need our tips (but we’d love to hear some of your ideas). However, most of us will (perhaps secretly) admit that there’s nothing wrong with adding some extra romance back into our personal lives.  Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day, be less predictable! Here are Satin Boutique’s best tips on how to be more romantic:

  • Buy Flowers for Her

OK, might sound a little boring but actually the thought behind a bouquet of sweet-smelling and fabulously colorful flowers will go a long way to making her day.  Even better, get them sent to her place of work to brighten up her working day and make her look forward to seeing you later.  Be creative with your note, tell her that you’re looking forwards to seeing her later on and you wanted to let her know how much you appreciate her.  You might want to send something different to a man, leave his favorite chocolates in his work bag or perhaps put a bottle of his favorite wine on ice for when he comes home.  The point is that little surprises go a long way.

  • Leave Post-It Notes!

Before she comes home or before he comes home (or after you leave the house while your partner’s still there) why not leave a few little post-it notes around the house?  Sweet notes saying what you love about your other half, or something cute but funny.  Anything that you know will put a smile on their face!  A post-it note is the easiest little token of affection and it looks spontaneous! Alternatively, leave a brief note in their handbag/work bag/gym bag – everyone loves a little surprise, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Go on a Date

Not just a night out, plan a date like you used to at the beginning.  Book a restaurant or maybe tickets to the theater (or similar), something he or she really enjoys.  Don’t tell them what they’re doing, just invite them out and tell them to dress up.  Then, take your partner out on a date and do all the things you used to do, hand-holding, cuddling, kissing and talk about all the wonderful things you’ve done together.  Reminiscing about the good times you’ve had is always romantic!

  • Have a Night In

Yes, most nights are a night in but make it different.  Cook his or her favorite meal, light a candle, dim the lights, create a romantic playlist, download a romantic movie (sorry guys…sometimes you need to do this for her).  Then, run each other a bubble bath with our Karma Sutra Mint Tree (this one will definitely awaken the senses!) and enjoy each other’s company before getting to the bedroom….sounds like the perfect night to us!

  • Buy New Lingerie

This is one for both of you.  Go out and treat her to some sumptuous lingerie, something that you will appreciate but she will also love to wear.  Think about soft, silky and sensual materials in colors she will love. If she likes pastels, look for pale pinks and creams, if she’s more exotic, try deep, sexy reds or black lace.  There’s a plethora of incredible styles on offer on our website, as an example of one of our best-selling lingerie sets, check out the Allure Kiley Bralette Set which is sexy, sassy and cute all in one!

  • Write a Poem

Dedicate a poem to your loved one.  Be creative and come up with all the little things you love about him/her.  Then write your rhyme and decorate it if you want to make it extra-special.  You could also frame it for him/her and make it a long-lasting gift that she or he will always look at and think of you!

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