Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2020

Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s just over two weeks to that one big day of love!  Although there are 364 other days to show your partner, husband or wife how much you love them – if you’ve been a bit lax recently, this is your big chance to display your feelings!  Devoid of ideas?  Done it all before?  Don’t worry – at Satin Boutique, we’re all about feeling the love so we’ve dug deep and come up with some great ideas to guarantee you stay in your other half’s good books!

  • Start the Day Right

A Valentine’s Day card is the least you can do but don’t stop there.  Why not get up a little earlier and prepare her (or him) breakfast in bed?  It’s the little things that count.  Freshly brewed coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, favorite pastries, a heart-shaped pancake, and a single red rose along with the newspaper.  It’s simple but effective and shows that your partner is appreciated.

  • Leave Little Notes

Place cute and colorful little post-it notes in places where she or he will see them.  Write down the things you love about them, their smile, their laugh, the way their nose crinkles up, the way they look after you… anything that will brighten their day!  Leave one in their handbag or work bag, in the gym bag, in the bathroom, the fridge…be creative!

  • Change Up Their Bath Time!

Most people shower in the morning so surprise them with some new bathroom toiletries.  Standard store-bought shower gel won’t do, they need something that’s really special and nourishing, something that’s refreshing but soothing and definitely sensual!  Plan it in advance and order from Satin Boutique, we love this one, it’s made with real Californian champagne:  Pink Champagne Bubble Bath:

  • Say it with Roses

We’re not talking a dozen red roses, we’re talking rose petals.  When she or he gets home from work, set a trail of petals all the way from the front door up to the bedroom.  Every few steps, leave a little gift to excite them on the way upstairs…it could be some lingerie for example, this is a gorgeous body stocking for the lady in your life!  Elegant Moments Lace Suspender Bodystocking:

  • Spice Up Your Sex Life!

You’ve made it upstairs, so if sex has been a bit lackluster lately – this is your opportunity to get it going again!  It’s Valentine’s Day after all, but don’t forget to make him or her feel appreciated first with the other ideas on this list.  Once she or he feels loved and wanted, it’s time to get to the bedroom.  Dim the lights, set the mood with some romantic music, light an aromatherapy candle and start with a bath together if there’s room.  If not, a sensual massage with a quality oil such as the Karma Sutra Strawberry Massage Oil is a great idea: things start warming up, try a toy, they’re heaps of fun and they definitely boost your sex life, this one will make it a night to remember and turn the temperature hot:

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