Get the Lowdown on Celebrity Lingerie

December 17, 2019

Get the Lowdown on Celebrity Lingerie

Celebrities are always in fashion, they’re in the news constantly so it’s no wonder that people sit up and take notice!  The glamorous places they visit, the designer clothes that they wear, their celebrity (or non-celebrity) partners, their break-ups and make-ups too but what about their underwear?  We all remember David Beckham in his boxer shorts a few years ago and the Wonderbra advertising campaign in the 1990’s featuring Eva Herzigova but what about now?  What lingerie do the celebs love to wear?  Satin Boutique has the lowdown on celebrity lingerie!

So Very English

English rose Emma Watson, child star of the Harry Potter series prefers something a little more demure.  She chooses nude bikini panties that are soft and simple.  They don’t show through and they flatter her shape really well.  Nude is a great choice for all clothing because its skin color means it won’t show through.  For everyday wear or the evening, nude panties are a staple for every girl’s wardrobe.  These Half Back panties come in a variety of colors, including nude and they are super-plain so ideal under snug garments.

Show your Butt some Love!

Khloe Kardashian loves her butt – it’s definitely the part of her body that gets the most admiring glances!  She likes to wear thongs like Rihanna (more on that later) to show it off but she is insistent that her underwear matches so she only buys co-ordinating bras to go with her thongs.  Her sister Kim is a fan of siren red and lots of lace!  She also likes her underwear to co-ordinate so only buys sets.  Try this four piece co-ordinating set which features a bra, thong, garter and pantyhose:

When only the Best will Do!

Victoria Beckham is all about high quality, you won’t find her wearing manmade fibers (although many are just as good as the real thing).  You’ll find Victoria lounging around in pure silk nightwear and gowns, she loves a little baby-doll too but nothing too frilly, sleek and sophisticated is how this English lady likes to dress.  J-Lo, with her curvaceous figure, likes to wear low-cut bikinis so she can wear her low-rise ripped jeans.  A little lace is exactly what she loves but super-plain white cotton is also a hit with her, especially for everyday wear.  This 100% silk chemise would definitely be something Victoria would buy! Shop it here:

Let’s not Forget about the Boys!

For the men, it seems that Zac Posen is keen on boxer short briefs, they’re comfortable and don’t show a line under his skinny jeans. Another fan of the boxer brief is Rafael Nadal, world-class tennis player although he prefers his to be longer length. These Allure Boxer Shorts are ideal (and there’s a longer length version too) – you can buy briefs from Satin Boutique, they might not be quite the same but they’ll definitely feel super smooth next to your skin!  Rihanna on the other hand, loves to wear clothes that show off as much of her body as she can (and why not, she has an incredible shape!) so she prefers a lacy thong.  Something that blends in well with what she’s wearing but still gives her enough coverage to stay just a little on the modest side.  For a really fabulous thong that has to be seen to be appreciated – this Escante Lace Pearl Thong is perfect!  Shop it here:

So the next time you go shopping, think like a celebrity and emulate their wardrobe from the inside out!  When you dress like an A-lister, you feel far more confident.  Don’t forget to shop at Satin Boutique for all your lingerie needs.

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