October 09, 2019

Five of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

With Christmas looming, you might have (fleetingly) considered the best gifts for your girlfriend or wife.  Most men leave it to the last minute, with a quick dash around the glittering seasonally-decorated stores to pick up a bottle of perfume or a pair of fluffy slippers.  With Satinboutique.com firmly on the case this year, you don’t need to leave it to Christmas Eve because we’ve got it all wrapped up here!  Get in early and feel immense satisfaction that you’ve got Christmas covered – here are the top five best Christmas gift ideas for the lady in your life:

  • Snuggle up in a pair of silky-satin PJ’s

It may be slightly boring but it’s always appreciated.  A pair of high-quality pajamas is well received every time. We’re not talking about flannel PJ’s or a pair of low-quality cotton pajamas; we’re talking Satin Boutique luxury!  You need something that’s sexy but oozes sophistication too.  Our satin pajamas are super-soft, incredibly luxurious to the touch and a delight to wear.  They guarantee a good night’s sleep and definitely set the pace for a night of passion first!  Get a pair here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/pajamas/products/is-woman-drawstring-pajama-of-lingerie-satin-style-1030

  • Lingerie is a Gift for Both of You!

Some super-sexy lingerie doesn’t just please her – it’s also like unwrapping your own Christmas gift!  Of course, Satinboutique.com is renowned for stunning lingerie sets, so feast your eyes and get your girl a sassy set of lingerie that she can’t wait to try on!  We love the Elegant Moments Mesh Underwire Baby Doll with matching lace panty; it makes a terrific Christmas present:  https://satin-boutique.com/collections/babydolls-chemises/products/elegant-moments-em-44023x-mesh-underwire-babydoll

  • A Toy…For the Bedroom

A wrapped-up toy is perfect for Christmas, but we’re not talking kids’ toys.  At satinboutique.com, we have a range of toys designed for grown-ups!  They give you hours of playtime together, perfect for getting closer and having some fun in the bedroom!  We have an entire page dedicated to adult toys, and every gift is something that both of you will love to play with over Christmas…something like the 50 Shades of Gray Over the Bed Cross set will get hearts racing, head to our devices page for more ideas: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/devices

  • A New Dress!

Shopping for your girlfriend is easy at Satinboutique because we’ve got most things covered.  For example, if you know she’d love a sexy new dress, we have plenty of stylish options to choose from.  As a recommendation, we’re sure she’d love the Elegant Moments Boho Short Sleeve Mini Dress trimmed with lace, it’s short and pretty with plenty of attitude, get one here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/party-dresses/products/elegant-moments-em-8342-boho-short-sleeve-mini-dress

  • Something for the Body….Something for Everybody!

No Christmas stocking would be complete without a beautifully packaged bottle of something perfectly fragranced and our bath and body range ticks every box.  To top up her gift list, we recommend the luxurious Earthly Body Hemp Seed Bath and Shower Gel in lavender.  Lavender is relaxing and soothing, perfect for before bedtime and the ingredients give her a super-soft skin that is nourished with vitamins and minerals so it feels velvety smooth.  You can buy one here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/body-bath/products/earthly-body-hemp-seed-bath-shower-gel-8-oz-lavender.


So that’s the girls’ Christmas gifts organized – but what about gifts for the boys?  We’ve got that covered in next week’s blog, don’t miss it!

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