February 15, 2019

The Satin Boutique Guide to Seduction

At Satin Boutique, we specialize in seduction!  All of our products are geared toward his and hers’ pleasure. We have sensual fabrics, soft and silky to the touch, toys to ramp up the passion levels in the bedroom and fabulous lingerie and underwear to look at as well as to wear.  However, while you might have all the tools of the trade, the art of seducing someone is something that many people don’t completely understand.  Of course, a beautiful set of silk lingerie helps and a fantastic looking bed to jump into is always an attractive notion – but how do you actually get that special someone to notice you?  Let us give you some of our advice; after all, we’ve been in the business of seduction for quite a while now!

Dress from Underneath

Actually, you might well be surprised at just how easy it is to seduce someone!  You just need to hone in on a few skills but first, you need to also love yourself and that means also arming yourself with a few confidence boosters.  It’s never sexy to talk to someone you find attractive when you know you’re wearing old, grey underwear!  When you put on something soft and sensual, you automatically feel like you are a passionate person, someone that understands how beautiful it feels to be lightly caressed so lingerie or a great pair of silk boxer shorts always feels wonderful to wear.  Make sure you’re dressed properly, from the underneath!  We recommend trying something neutral too, so it’s decidedly gorgeous to wear, you feel ready for flirtation but it’s easy enough to wear under anything, the Oh La La Glitter Set in a creamy color is perfect, it’s also got a little glitter effect that will help you to feel all sparkly! https://satin-boutique.com/collections/bras-panties-garterbelts/products/oh-la-la-cheri-oll-41-10869x-3-pc-glitter-set-with-satin-cup-bra-cage-back-panty-and-garterbelt.  For guys, we’ve got plenty of options, we love the Elegant Moments Boxer Shorts in black – they’re ideal for when you’ve got seduction on the mind! https://satin-boutique.com/products/elegant-moments-em-2401-unisex-satin-boxer-short-also-plus-sizes

Be Bedroom-Ready

If you’ve already got the girl (or the guy), then you need to make sure your bed looks inviting – even if it’s early days, there’s nothing more off-putting than old, stale bed linen!  Always keep your bed fresh, change your sheets regularly, twice a week is great!  A new relationship deserves new bed linen so treat your bed to its own seduction and impress your new boyfriend or girlfriend, try the Satin Boutique collection of satin bedding, in 95% pure silk not only will you have something special to show off – you’ll both enjoy the sensation of softness and sleep soundly much, much later on… https://satin-boutique.com/collections/duvet-sets-silk-satin/products/luxury-silk-duvet-bedding-sets-95-pure-silk-5-fine-cotton?variant=53321582741.

The Eyes Have It

So you’ve got the underwear and your bed is freshly made – even if you’re not at that stage, how do you get there?  Seduction is all about using what you’ve got!  Start with the eyes, they’re the window to your soul so do use them.  Always look at your date or the guy or girl you like and make sure to look at their mouth too, that’s subconsciously a very sexy move.  If you’re a girl, you need to really open up your eyes so how you put your make up on could make the difference between clinching that seduction deal!  Mascara or a set of false eyelashes are definitely a must when you go out, they enhance the eyes and make someone look directly at them.  One extra tip is, don’t stare at the lady or gent in question, if you do stare for too long, it can be off-putting, but do give your full attention, just strike a balance.

Mirror His or Her Poses

Mirror his or her poses, you actually do it naturally when you like someone so look out for the clues, if you take a drink – does he?  If you change your position, does she mirror it?  Those are signs that someone else likes you.  If you want to seduce someone, be aware of those signs and make sure you mirror his or her actions.  Show off what you’ve got too, if you love your legs, cross them so you draw attention to them but make sure you wear something that’s also enticing, such as the Satin Boutique Elegant Moments Sheer Thigh High’s https://satin-boutique.com/collections/stockings/products/elegant-moments-em-1113-sheer-thigh-hi-with-striped-elastic-band.

Finger Flirtations

Use your fingers to flirt!  Sounds strange but read on.  Allow the man to touch your hand first and take the lead but if you want him to take the lead, use a very light touch and brush his hands or his fingers with yours, it subconsciously triggers a mirroring action – try it!

Lower your Tone

Then of course, how you talk to each other says a lot, after all, if you want to seduce someone, you need to use the language of love!  Intellectual conversation can be very sexy but don’t be over the top as that can be off putting too, be sweet but intelligent and devote your attention to his (or her) conversation being aware of not talking about yourself too much.  Your tone should be soft and sensual rather than loud and aggressive all while maintaining eye contact!

Those are our tips for seduction and we would love to know how you got on – did you manage to secure that date?  Let us know your own tips for seducing that special someone!

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